ESR ACOUSTICS  - After 100 years of  modern room acoustics research the case is 99,9% solved by the invention named  Roundffusor1  or  R1


  Here, is the R1's unique solution for your room, audio system, ear & brain and your beloved musicR1 is simultaneously an active gain (+2dB) and clean sound diffuser (from 180 Hz to 20 kHz) and a unique musically adaptable low frequency absorber/ a complex bass trap (5 Hz to 250 Hz) YES from 5 Hz - the infrasound zone generated by the continuum room/ subwoofer/s.  The resulted 3D diffusion lobe is so wide (practically as wide is the specific room) and elongated that no care is necessary for the lateral reflections which will be simply masked or highly reduced by the grouped R1's diffusion field. 

  Only 10% or less of your total room surface has to be covered with the grouped R1 and usually only a part of a single wall- the most simple and elegant solution !  R1 is a proof that our mind, experience and inspiration are more powerful than any computer program.

R1 is protected by the US Patent Nr.: 7261182 and the European Patent Nr.: 150654



R1 - Detailed mounting instructions  For best advice we need        some pictures from your music or cinema room  

All you need to know about R1 -the acoustical material totally    different form anything else you ever saw or heard 

My contribution to the field of psychoacoustics - objective facts against absorption.  When and How does the grouped  R1 work ? 

R1 videos        or  Athens High End show   

My Avant-garde/Experimental Music or here on Radio Jango

For a music lover, the transparency of the sound, to be recorded  or  reproduced is incompatible with  absorption

  The repeatable story  

       Say that we are at High End expo with a lot of participants and all kind of music.  We, at ESR ACOUSTICS we have a stand with just few R1.  There are many companies with demo audio  systems from ''normal'' systems to huge and very heavy systems . There are some companies with audio analyzers systems with real time functioning.

At a certain moment, our stuff is introducing in the room a nice metallic frame with some 28 R1  grouped as 7 x 4 R1, meaning 28 R1, where 7 R1 are mounted horizontally and 4 vertically.   Suddenly all analyzers are indicating some + /-  3 dB  from 20 Hz to 20.000 Hz everywhere in that room.

Many don't believe, searching for wires or some ''arrangement'' with the people from other companies. But there is no trick or electronic manipulation. What is happening is purely in the acoustical domain.

This is not a scene from a science fiction movie but the reality

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